Custom Watercolor Pet Portraits

Who doesn’t adore taking photos of their pets? But a photo just freezes a moment, while a painting does so much more! Donate $100 now and, in addition to helping out OPH’s rescue efforts, you’ll receive an amazing watercolor portrait that captures not only your pet’s image, but also their personality—and maybe even something of their spirit!

These portraits are exclusively painted by our volunteer Joanne, a watercolorist and dog mom to Hunter, Rayne, and Scout. As Joanne says, “I love having the opportunity to paint these dogs. I get to spend a few hours with them and get to know them. I become one more piece in their life's mosaic. And for my small effort, it seems to bring the family of the dog much happiness and joy - and sometimes a few tears.”

Your pet deserves only the best. By making this donation, you’ll gain the rare opportunity to have someone as talented and committed as Joanne devote herself to a one-of-a-kind painting of your cherished fur family member!

Don’t wait! Donate $100 today and, in exchange for knowing that you’ve helped OPH’s efforts to save other animals, you’ll receive a lifelong keepsake of your own animal companion. And that’s a bargain at any price!

Check out Joanne's portraits on Facebook - LustreArt or Instagram @lustreart